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A Little Late to the Party …

Yeah, so, I just made a pretty huge discovery.

“I rocked one of these til it went outta style. Six years, give or take.”

Not that it should be considered as such, since everyone, their mothers and their dogs seemed to know about this one particular feature. But you know that thing that you can do with your phone on SnapChat? The one where you’re taking an ordinairy selfie only to have your recently captured picture self spewing rainbows? Well, yeah. That’s a thing. I only found out about this a week ago at a party.

“But Dandy, ya numbskull!” You wail, gork and snort. “This feature has been present in SnapChat for AGES! How could you only find out about it now?”

And that’s a darn good question,  Mr/Mrs/Ms. Disembodied Voice over the Internet! But the answer is the real kicker.

It’s one word. ‘iOS7’

… well, that’s not really a word. More like an acronym. But yeah, you get what I mean.


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I Could Use a Dollar, I Could Use a Couple Bucks

Money, money, money, money, money. Money is the root of all evil. And financial woes. Especially financial woes …


What’s going on, friend-o’s? Hope you’re all enjoying sun! And if it’s not sunny in your nation today, or your space station doesn’t have it’s Virtua-Weather system set on ‘Balmy Summer’s Day’ mode, then I hope you enjoy the future sun.

Today, I would like to blog about a particular topic that plagues many late teens/early adults that are still wet behind the ears, emerging from the flowing ravine of high school life and into the dry dullness of civilisation. And that subject is money.

Now money, as you all know,  is pretty darn cool. It can be used for all sorts of goods and services. It can also be used to buy said goods as presents for your lovely girlfriend/boyfriend or, if you don’t have one of those, your friends. Or if you don’t have those, your dog! But money is something that is rather absent in a young Australian teen/young adult’s life. Especially mine, since I study full-time and work no job.

Lately, I’ve been needing to replace things. The jeans I’ve worn for a good four years now, riddled with tiny tears and rips around the knee, are in need of a replacement. The phone that I’ve used for six years keeps crashing and freezing as most apps that I indulge in on a regular basis are no longer compatible with it’s outdated OS. And that bloody Xbox One needs to go the fuck away and replace itself with a brand spanking new Playstation 4 instead. And I sorta need a console at this point, simply because the thing that I play my games on is normally the thing that I also watch DVDs and stream YouTube clips on as well. Unless it’s my Wii U … zing!

Furthermore, the prospect of future student debt and potential loans also chills me to the bone and freaks me the fuck out. I am sitting there, late at night, worrying that my potential future funds and spending habits might render me bankrupt!

Anyways, I am off to take a good long sigh. Hope you all have a wonderful week!

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ENFP – An Acrostic Poem

"Just wait until they get a load of my erotic Harry Potter fan-fiction!"
“Just wait until they get a load of my erotic Harry Potter fan-fiction!”

E is for ‘Extras’ –  The $2 kind. Normally stuffed crust.

N is for ‘Next Gen’ – The kind of console I DON’T own.

F is for ‘Freezing’ – The thing that Dandy’s phone does the most.

P is for ‘Poise’ – You’re going to need a lot of this to not stagger when enemies hit you!