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Don’t you love our fellow human beings sometimes? 

Even on ravaged medieval fantasy styled battlefields, people can band together to do the darndiest stuff! 

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Magnets and Miracles

It’s probably no surprise to anyone when a certain artistic type, gamer or even highly opinionated classmate admits to trying to start a YouTube channel.

And yes, I was one of those people. I had originally begun doing little commentaries alongside two other much less enthusiastic yet somehow willing accomplices. The channel centred around critiques of ‘Top Ten’ lists with the occasional anime or video game retrospective thrown into the mix here and there. Would you be surprised that it fell flat on it’s face? No. Nobody would be. It was hardly original and certainly not taken as seriously as the more business orientated Let’s Players and PewDiePies of the world. And honestly, if it had’ve continued, I am sure that it wouldn’t of gone on to become something so special or truly desirable to watch to the whole 6 subscribers that I had.

But honestly, would Dandy even be that great of a YouTube personality anyway? Like most things, being a YouTuber requires a serious amount of resources to edit and deliver quality content as well as serious dedication. You need to be feeding your subscribers a constant stream of content. And since I am ever so horribly INFP, my dedication and structured approach to delivering said content would be quite sporadic and at times, quite barren. It’s in those few days or weeks that the subscribers get horribly impatient and start to unsub right away.

I don’t know. I still think about trying it again every now and then but I am not really going ahead with any plans to do anything yet.