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‘Jobless & 21’ or ‘I Did 4 Years of College in Two and a Half and All I Got Was This Lousy Beanie’

Before I start this little post, I thought I would list all of the things that I have obtained since I graduated from tertiary college back in July 2016, just so that this post doesn’t come of as entirely negative. So without further adue, the stuff which I got after I finished uni includes:

  • Two flashy certificates with wax seal stamps (A degree and a diploma)
  • A beanie from one of my colleges.
  • A four-colour pen. (The tutor had a spare)
  • An appreciation for volunteer work.
  • An apperciation for working in the social work/community development sector in general.
  • A mechanical keyboard for my shitty six year old Mac.
  • A new phone that now, is kinda useless to me for anything other than making/receiving calls.
  • A mean looking ‘Middle Eastern beard’
  • Another friend group.
  • A taste for pale ales and lagers.
  • A taste for alcohol in general.
  • Patriotism.
  • A car.
  • A black pair of super skinny jeans. (Yeowch!)
  • A fondness for the beach and the ocean.
  • Lady friends in Italy. (Thanks Instagram!)
  • Lady friends in Turkey. (Again, Thanks Insta!)
  • A license to sell/serve alcohol. (I could become a bartender maybe … ?)

I am sure there are way more but I honestly can’t think of them off the top of my head. Now then, why don’t we make it fair and list the things that I did NOT receive or obtain after my graduation?

  • A job.
  • Money.
  • A job.

Despite applying for work like mad, nothing seems to be going my way. A lot of people have told me that going back to Uni would be a waste of another two or three years and would put me at risk of being considered ‘overqualified’ for my field of choice. Of course, I would take any job at this point in time. Hence why I’ve found myself completing short course after short course to obtain some extra skills in the employability department. (License to Serve, First Aid, a course on how to make coffees/cappucinos at a bar/cafe/restaraunt, a certificate in training and assessment, etc)

People keep telling me that something must come along eventually. Let’s just hope that these people are right, and are also talking from experience.

Anyways, that’s my post for the month/year/decade. What have YOU been up to?



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Speed Posting To Raise Boredom Awareness 

Hey hey hey hey. 

I’m afraid I am going to have to be lighting quick with how swiftly I get this post out before my ride arrives so I’ll make like a Bugatti Veyron and do 0 to 60 in 3 seconds. 

As you all know, boredom is a problem that is plaguing the entire human race. At its most vulnerable moment, boredom affects the suffering citizens of the first world in the most excruciatingly painful ways. Forget things like starvation, poverty and AIDS; It’s boredom we need to vanquish first before we can even consider donating money to the aforementioned causes. 

By donating three difficult monthly payments of 14 dollars and exactly 21 cents, you can help those stuck in the pit of tedium by donating to the Breaking Boredom Foundation. 

Do your part and help us raise funds to find and develop a cure for boredom today! 

“Stop complaining on Tumblr and go outside.”

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“Stay in bed, float upstream!”

Pfff, you think that YOU sleep in late?

Ever since class has slowed up to one day a week and since I have little to no social life since all of my friends have moved away, I have made a nasty habit of sleeping in until ridiculous hours of the afternoon. Try something along the lines of 3 PM. And what’s even worse is that I find myself going to bed when the birds start chirping!

I’ve got no idea what caused me to start this ungodly routine but it honestly cuts my day right in half. The first thing that I find myself doing is having that usual morning shower … at 3:30.  It’s really gotten beyond the joke.

It also doesn’t help that I can’t seem to go to sleep at all when the night falls. Crazy stuff, man. I mean, within the time that takes place between 3 and 12 AM, I could work on some music, do my physical training, have a good chat with my Dad, text people, play some video games, text back said people after they bugged me throughout an intense Team Deathmatch, make dinner, make tea, eat rice, write this post and then proceed to watch a few episodes of anime.

… wow. I guess people can’t say i am entirely lazy. I mean that’s pretty darn productive. Imagine if I got up at 9AM! I could probably fit in a few dozen job interviews, put some extra time into my assignments and actually have breakfast! Or I could just play more video games … yeah.

I mean, I have nothing against a bit of laziness but this takes the cake. The … lazy cake. For some reason I imagined a coffee scroll with a little sign poked into it reading ‘LAZY’.

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Toku My Satsu!

No, no that wasn’t any sort of perverted innuendo. Don’t worry.

I haven’t got a lot to write at the moment but this was more of a on-the-spot kind of thought. It was just something that crossed the good ol’ mental realm and I honestly felt that I should probably take the opportunity to just blog about it in a short post.

Does anyone remember a tokusatsu adaptation brought over to the West known as ‘Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight’? Is it me or do most English adapted tokusatsu shows feature absolutely awesome theme songs? I mean just take the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers for example. Even though I was never really the Power Rangers kind of kid (I always preferred Kamen Rider, despite most of the series being mostly in Japanese), I will admit that the sheer force of the instrumentals alone were powerful enough to get you in the morphin’ mood.

I mean just listen to this! Do you honestly associate this kind of badass factor with a children’s show that features stupidly shallow acting and the costume authenticity of a Chinese iPhone knock off?

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“Where did I go wrong … ?”

I lost my drafts. Somewhere along in WordPress oblivion.

I had originally written a whole three paragraphs as a post regarding my experiences with ambient music and how I came in contact with the genre, as well as what possessed me to don my uncool shades and start producing in one of the most low mainstream genres of music of all time. But I think it would be much better, and far more easier, to write about how frustrated I am about losing that post as well as how infrequent my posting has become.

I have never really been too big on social networking. I mean, I would update a status daily but it was usually no more than a sentence. Going maybe a few years back, I think my enthusiasm towards social networking was a far brighter flame since it was all so new at the time. Would you believe that I used Windows Live Messenger/MSN Messenger more than I used Facebook Chat? I only had like 3 or 4 friends on there that I would chat to anyway. And honestly, that’s all I really need. I could have hundreds and hundreds of contacts and only really talk to one or two on a daily basis. Recently I had tried to broaden that number and reach out to people that I normally don’t converse with on a regular basis out of good will. But it seems to have just fallen flat. I really cannot be bothered with typing extravagant responses nor can I stand waiting around for replies. It’s nothing personal. I am just that sort of person … now more than ever.

Sadly they killed off Messenger and unfortunately I don’t have enough Skype contacts to even constitute a ‘list’. Now I get stuck catching a glimpse of that dreadful News Feed only to find myself trawling through it out of an unbeatable curiosity that something good might be there.

Spoiler: There isn’t. Ever. At all. 

This brings me closer and closer, edging nearer ever so slightly, towards the idea of buying a Non-Intel Mac or a bit newer just so that I can browse the web if I really need to while not having the luxury of indulging in any of these procrastination boosting networks. I recently disbanded my entire fleet of social networking sites (except for this one and my SoundCloud, of course) in order to just obtain some peace and quiet. I can’t be updating all of them on a regular basis, nor do I have the motivation to. And with things like training for karate, my recent painting fetish and … well, shameless video gaming during times of unproductively (It’s a long running guilty pleasure that keeps me from actually finding part time work.)

To close up this stale mess of a post, getting rid of a few of the vices on my spare time has ultimately helped me to become a productive person once again. And honestly, I really couldn’t recommend anything else as a cure to those with a lack of motivation. It’s absolutely great to stop dragging yourself through the virtual world and instead, prance and happily skip about in the real one.

And this is coming from a nineteen year old.

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“And in my hour of darkness… “

I normally freak out and lose my cool completely.

If only I had a ‘Mother Mary’ like figure to whisper words of wisdom and encouragement to me. Honestly, if there was a visible scale that vividly displayed my confidence going from ten to zero, that needle would flick to the starting end faster than your initial reaction of shock upon being greeted by the unexpected ‘incorrect answer’ buzzer.

So I was applying for a job online, just filling out some details and uploading the resume and all. I haven’t had a part time job before in the past. Back in Year 10, there were few people that were actually motivated enough to go to school AND work a job all without crumbling underneath the debris of any form of social anxiety or stress disorder. One year past high school and I am seemingly finding myself metaphorically winded of any courage that I might’ve had at the start of the application process. Now being someone that hasn’t had to apply for work before, the crushing blow came in the form of the thought of having all of these obligations and responsibilities (as well as people to deal with and times to keep) which ultimately ended with my confidant former self, the same one that was throwing punches and performing karate related exercises without intimidation, becoming a completely sweaty faced and nail biting wreck. This little anxiety attack not only led me to cancel my application, but fill my mind with all sorts of social fears and dreads related to incompetence.

And now, I just feel so disappointed in myself. In one way, I can be as fearless and extraverted as anything and in another, I am a cowering mute.

To be honest, I am thinking about printing out my resume and cover letter and just handing it into the store in person. I would be far more comfortable doing that rather than have to sit through all of these tests and preference sheets that my browser barely supports. No pressure, guys. It’s not like if I leave it for too long or if the internet cuts out, the test completely locks up which essentially prevents me from ever doing it again.

Really. This is nuts. Who the hell thought that online job applications were a good idea? Don’t you want to meet and chat with your potential employee face to face?

Anyways, I am also thinking about just working a much smaller store within the community. Maybe something along the lines of a small business, like a grocer, a cafe or maybe even a clothes store. Actually, the clothes store one wouldn’t be such a bad gig. Despite being one of those people that would totally just walk and sleep in their training clothes, I am quite the ruffle shirt wearing fashionista when it comes to the threads. Mmm!

Yeah, I think I am feeling a bit better about this now …

*deep sigh*

Sometimes, I wish I were still back in high school …

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Almost As Cool As ‘Phaedra’

This thing was a polycarbonate piece of absolute beauty. A 'tangerine dream', if you will. (Hyuk hyuk!)
This thing was a polycarbonate piece of absolute beauty. A ‘tangerine dream’, if you will. (Hyuk hyuk!)

This will probably be the first and last post about something as materialistic as a product so I will make it very brief. It’s the image that’s the centrepiece, after all.

Do you guys remember when Apple products used to come in all sorts of fancy colours? Dandy remembers. Dandy (me) also remembers the time when ‘Tangerine’ was considered the hipster way of spelling ‘Orange’. But only very briefly. I think I may have been 6 at the time …

So here I am, just to remind you that this was indeed a thing.

Oh, before I forget, here is some totally related music to go with this post as well. Phew.