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Like the Sunshine (Two Year Anniversery on WordPress)


Well now, this is special!

I’m posting tonight because I received a super special notification from the happy chappies at Two years ago, I started this blog as a method of journaliing my musings and other ramblings as a way to manage stress. At the time of this blog’s creation, I had been faced with a lot of dreadful uncertainties that would leave me with knots in my tummy for nights on end. I had only just started my long distance relationship with an absolutely lovely girl and was afraid that we would never meet or be able to make it happen. My studies at both university and a community college had reduced me to a state resembling that of a nervous wreck; hair tearing and all.

The year after, my relationship had become stable. My classes had become manageable. I had begun my student work placement and had learnt more than I ever did in high school. About life, about love and about the world beyond high school. For once, my life seemed right. I was at peace.

And now, in 2016, many things have changed. My graduation, the fated meeting in Lover’s Arrival, the beginnings of my search for employment, the collapse of my relationship …

All of it proof that we are forever learning by experience. That the wildest and most unexpected things can happen, even when plans have been made and are seemingly set in stone. Life is what happens when you are busy making plans. And that, Mr. Lennon, is something that we can both agree on. Being the tired man that I am, i am not sure what I am supposed to be writing anymore here. The paragraphs that come after this were actually written first. This post is a mess, chaotic, just like life. It wasn’t planned. I had a general idea and the structure of the post all in my mind and then as I began to write it down, different thoughts flooded into my mind and altered those plans. Or took a sledgehammer to them. Completely.

This might sound awfully corny but I gotta write it …

In the past two years, I have become rather fond of moths. Now, I never liked moths as a kid. I always thought they were grotesque and wouldn’t think twice about shooing them away with a dainty wave of the hand. They were ugly to most people. Undesirable. And I often considered myself to be of a similar calibre. But all it took was one mental comparison, one alternate trail of thought, and my love for them began to blossom. There are those in the world that see beauty where others simply cannot. Those that find something beautiful where nothing of the sort can be found and observed by the average person. And I had the pleasure of meeting a few of these cherishable souls. The absolute honor of calling one my teacher, another one my friend, my lover …

Of course, you. My readers.

These people and their stories, their wisdom, their kindness and their love formed my coccoon and now I too, have become a one of these souls.

I’d like to thank you all for reading my blog over the past two years and do hope that you stick around for another.

May all the love in the world be yours. And remember, everybody’s gotta learn sometime. 

You know which song this is going to link you to … 

(It’s 3 AM and I sure could use some sleep … )

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I am so ______ !

And it’s so so true. Do you have any idea how bloody frightening it is to have an upcoming exam and only have a bit less than two weeks to study for it? Part of me wanted to do a bit of study but I ended up finding myself enjoying my time off of school so bloody much that I completely forgot about all of my responsibilities until just recently. Now I am scurrying about trying to organise study sessions like a scholarly madman trying to get his latest findings hastily published.

Not to mention that I have something like 3 or more upcoming assignments to complete as well, ranging from a couple of oral presentations, a report based around an excursion …. and I think there’s a role-play or another report in there somewhere.

God damn it.

“I am not a happy camper. Not like this kid.”

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I Wanna Be A Cowboy

And the waifu can be my cowgirl.

Really, I am so fed up with school. I’m done. It’s not even over and I feel like quitting. It’s my holidays and I am still doing assignments that I didn’t even know about beforehand. Four days into the vacation and I still can’t relax. I could really use a getaway right about now. Anything. Anything at all. Even becoming a cowboy. Or to be almost dorkishly specific, becoming a space cowboy that rides a hovering high speed trash can that spews memes and fires giant explosives shaped like d20s. Hence the title of this post.

"I could've also posted a screenshot of that show that was cancelled by FOX for having low ratings. It's not getting a second season. I'm sorry."
“I could’ve also posted a screenshot of that show that was cancelled by FOX for having low ratings. It’s not getting a second season. I’m sorry.”

Ho, boy. If only I had something other than complaints or general geekery to blog about.

If that doesn’t help, I’ve found that the stress has been getting to me quite profoundly. Sometimes, I can’t even sleep at night because my mind is so overactive and preoccupied with worry. And the saddest thing is that I can easily get rid of it all, just by taking a year off. But part of me thinks that wouldn’t be a wise idea. Besides, my usual classmates wouldn’t be around any longer if I did that. And I’d miss them dearly. Although I am not sure whether they’d miss me or not. I mean, I am ‘that guy’, after all. The one that ducks out of class for five minutes every now and then to respond to texts or play Jetpack Joyride while waiting for a ‘stealth chai’ to be served.

I call it ‘stealth chai’ because it’s a covert operation to obtain a warm beverage when I should be in class!


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Saving Throws, Dog Adoption Contemplations and E3?

I did it! I am the greatest!

Suppose I can finally move on with my life after brutally destroying that one part on Dark Souls II that was giving me so much damn trouble. Now I’ll just have to wait until I can play some more before I get utterly frustrated with the next segment until I suffer a breakdown and hurl my faded white controller at the screen. But until then, solace!

If I was to think of anything gaming related apart from that, I would say that I should seriously consider investing in that new Xbox One. My 360 makes funny noises when you put discs in. And those noises are somehow related to the hideous scratches that are embedded into the discs that I put into it. Hell, I chucked in Ghosts, just for a laugh and to see if anybody still plays the piece of tripe, but the Xbox did me a favour and rendered the disc unplayable. I was probably going to sell it, snap the thing in half or frisbee the piece of shit out the window but I’m guessing that the console could sense that.

Alright, this is my second post in a row related to Dark Souls. Gotta spruce things up a bit. It can’t always just be about my horrible gaming skills or my low tolerance for bad hit detection. I know. I’ll let everyone in on a little idea of mine that I’ve been toying around with.

So lately, I’ve been thinking: “Dandy, just how are you going to cope with the loneliness that comes with future school breaks? All your friends are working and your family is almost always absent. What to do … “.  And thus, Dandy came up with the mad idea that he’d adopt a puppy. It wouldn’t be an alien task to me. After all, I have had dogs in the past. Most of them just relocated or … died. Of old age, that is. My last dog currently lives at another relative’s place, happily prancing about the lush greens and shitting all over the place. That’s usually what happy dogs do, right?

Maybe an Australian Cattle Dog would be a good pick … The waifu and I were discussing it during a call one day. ‘Blue’ was the chosen name we came up with.

Oh shit. I just realised! E3 is on the way!

Hell, I didn’t even realise it was already that time of the year already! Time sure flies, huh? And here I was, busy chomping down sushi and browsing for episodes of Initial D. And no, I wasn’t eating Japanese food because I was watching anime. I was eating it because the local Japanese restaurant were selling them for a dollar each and I couldn’t say no. Could you say no to one dollar sushi?

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It’s Always Sunny in Drangleic

I am back fo’ sum mo’.

I hope that everyone has been doing alright. I don’t normally update this thing as often as I used to, what with life getting in the way and such. But when I am not spending my time riding grotesque muscle cars around the outback of Down Under while fending off the rabid locals with a sawn-off, I try my best to get a post out. Just to let you all know that I am still alive. And well. Or maybe not well. I don’t know.

Lately, there isn’t anything new to post about. It’s the same old until I actually get some free time to go out and do stuff. I mean, I could go on for yonks about how tiresome studying is and how apathetic towards my test scores I’ve become. But then I’d sound like one of those edgy youths with a flair for non-compliance and a strong dislike towards the education system.

Oh wait …

Yeah, so nothing new has really been going on. Oh, apart from Dark Souls II. That bloody game has consumed most of my free time lately. I don’t know why it’s the case but if I don’t finish a game, I just feel incredibly guilty until I actually take the time to finish it off. Otherwise, the purchase was in vain. But I just can’t help but put off the sequel to the most difficult game of our gaming generation. The first Dark Souls game had a particular atmosphere that seemingly begged to be explored. And the challenge that you were presented with, apart from the occasional ‘trial and error’ moment, gradually grew in difficulty up until the end game. But Dark Souls II just feels like it’s all over the place. Right now, I’m at some ‘Shrine of Armana’ or whatever the hell it’s called, busy getting absolutely destroyed by dorky priest dudes wielding staffs while their robe wearing wives indifferently hurl glowing magic orbs at me or some shit. I could not be making this stuff up. And if this were an occurrence in the first Dark Souls, I would’ve actually gone out of my way to use the proper names and terminology to explain the sitch. But DS 2.0 just rubs me the wrong way. Or more like it doesn’t even rub me at all. Which is probably a good thing, if I think about it literally …

God, I didn’t even find DnD this hard. And you were pretty much at the mercy of a dice. A DICE!

Anyways, I am going to hopefully roll a critical at life and pull off some kind of miraculous second wind that involves me absolutely destroying the game and acing my upcoming exams. Take care of yourselves!

"And if you roll a 20, the memes intensify!"
“And if you roll a 20, the memes intensify!”
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School’s Out Forever

But life long obligations sure as hell ain’t!

"The tears that come with textbook prices are all too real."
“The tears that come with textbook prices are all too real.”

I am not sure if it was just me that was absolutely smothered in this ‘Life gets so much better once you’re in college!’ kind of crap, but it becomes a painfully ironic punch of the face when things turn out to be the complete opposite. I know. You know it. Hell, I’m sure that even my dog knows it so why don’t we all just join hands in our little community care group circle and take deep breathes before shouting the obvious truth.

“College is NOT like it is in the movies.”

The media has a real nasty habit of making college out to be this whimsical period of life in which searching for yourself becomes some kind of painless journey and sex is pretty much a weekly occurrence. As much as I would like to engage in a weekly helping of intercourse, I very much doubt that anything of a sort is going to happen to me out here in Real Life Land. If anything, it’s been the complete opposite. Not that it’s entirely a bad thing. Especially not when you have a lovely waifu in waiting.

But the point I am trying to make here is that high school might as well be the apex of your young life because with the combined responsibilities of work, study and taxes, you’re not left a whole lot of room for anything fun. You’re gonna be strapped for cash too unless you strike gold or form a successful band that sells the fuck out. And even then, your music is going to be so horribly mainstream that you’ll find yourself coming to dislike your work so intensely that one day, you’ll end up springing your tempered rage onto the nerdy keyboardist, giving the poor schmuck an emotional scar and possible a concussion while you pile drive his self esteem through the floor.

A waste of a post? I regret nothing.

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Double Presentation Peril!

So your assignments are done. Your presentations are out of the way and now you are proceeding to skip about within the mental realm of accomplishment and relief, the one filled with flowers and rainbows. You shout a “YES!” and raise your fist up to the skies in a moment of absolute fucking amazement and pride that you, that slacker that spent 80% of their study time procrastinating, have actually completed it and gotten it out of the way.

… until you get hit with another assignment straight after that.

Really, what a way to bring down your high, huh? It’s like being the sole finisher of a 100 mile endurance run only to be struck in the face by a stray brick upon crossing the finishing line.

It hurts. We know.

"No brick throwers here. Don't worry."
“No brick throwers here. Don’t worry.”