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Ambushed by Hipsters?!

So I’ve been messing around with music trackers lately. You know, the really archaic ones that make it ‘programming’ music rather than ‘writing’ it. And they’re pretty neat for the most part!

I even came up with this while messing about! It’s simple, it’s chiptuney and about as varied as a tub of plain vanilla ice cream!


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To Let Go of a Dream

As a young dude in high school, I used to flick through ‘that part’ of SoundCloud and BandCamp and desperately dream of being one of those cool dudes that wear glasses, make radical sounding dance music on the internet and have fun doing it. As silly as that might sound, I was even sillier to try it because honestly, it ended up throwing me into a huge world of hurt.

When it got to the stage that I tried making it, it never sounded good. Ever.

First I tried making criminally simple filter bathed house music. Although some of my friends really liked it, I always felt as though I could do better. Then I tried getting into ambient/drone music but really, all I was doing was messing about and improvising on a shitty iPad synthesiser with a high delay. Lately, I’ve found myself making a few vaporwave tracks in the spare five minutes I get during each night. They sound god awful but honestly, I’m just doing it to spite my lack of composing, mastering and mixing talent and knowledge.

For old time’s sake, a fellow friend and music lover of mine shot me this bloody excellent sounding vaporwave track that sounded like a ‘rebirth of French House music’, a genre that I absolutely went mad for back in the day and that got me into making music in the first place. And now, here I sit. In quite a fix, I must admit. Torn between giving it one final effort or simply letting the dream die.

That and I have no money.

"Three years of tinkering around with this crap and I honestly feel as though I've learned nothing."
“Three years of tinkering around with this crap and I honestly feel as though I’ve learned nothing.”

This stuff is seriously the bomb.

Here’s probably the closest thing I have made to a ‘good’ track

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A Spin Kick From the Past

So I turned on the good ol’ internet radio and zoned out to listen to some tunes when this was coincidentally playing just as I was thinking about what to blog …

If you like, you should give it a listen. You might change your heart. And then feel the urge to look around you.

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Dandy’s Ever Growing Road Trip Playlist

You know, if I close my eyes, I think I might be able to recall at least 20 songs that I’ve Shazamed over the past week alone during my painfully dreary mornings on the bus to class or my glorious returns back home via the same method of transport.

Hell, I’ve got enough music to last me for a day’s road trip without looping. Some of the grooviest tunes that I’ve ever heard, mainly the ones found on the classics station, were over the radio. Great tunes like ‘Everybody’s Got to Learn Sometime’ by The Korgis, ‘Am I Safe’ by Ryan Adams and even the more lesser known past tracks like Low Tension by Manabu Nagayama. And how the hell could I forget ‘Rock the Casbah’?  Which pretty much became the anthem to my valiant attempts to break my losing streaks during online bouts of any competitive game.

Seriously, if you don’t have Shazam I would strongly recommend downloading it if you’re one of those adventurous kinds of listeners who likes to continuously add to a playlist of the gold they’ve found.  For now, I’ll just leave you with Rock the Casbah.


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Alas, another has left for their maiden voyage …

So i was in that particular kind of mood to listen to some spacey bleeps and progressive musical bliss earlier today, which ultimately led me to pull up YouTube and get Tangerine Dream’s very own masterpiece of an LP entitled ‘Tangram’ up to revel in some sublime Moog synthesiser melodies. Upon briefly taking a gander at the comments section, I noticed something that caught me right off guard. Someone had written ‘rip edgar frose’ or something along the lines of that and posted that as a comment. For those of you that don’t know who the man in question is, Edgar Frose is one of, if not, THE long standing members of Tangerine Dream. Upon doing a bit of digging about on Google out of sheer morbid curiosity, I would be led to find out that Mr. Frose had indeed passed away roughly a week ago due to cardio-vascular related problem originating from his lungs (or at least that’s how I understand it.)

Just as a bit of a tribute to one of my favourite bands of all time, I thought I would just take this moment to not only post during this busy time to at least give the followers something to gawk at, but I thought it would be a perfect chance to share some of Edgar’s musical achievements with you. And what I mean by that is I have this wonderful link to an absolute roller coaster of a ride that is Tangerine Dream’s ‘Tangram’.

So, Edgar man. Here is to you. Keep on rocking the synth past those golden gates.

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The Cauldron of Hate

I’ve made one too many references to Pink Floyd’s The Division Bell during my time writing on here. It must make me come off as some kind of pro-hipster fanboy who likes the lesser known albums of world renown groups. Dark Side of the Moon? Pff, give me a break. That’s WAY too mainstream …

But the album and it’s songs (or at least the ones with lyrics) just touch on so many issues and themes that I have encountered all too many times. It’s just nice to know that there is an album I can relate to when it comes to social conflicts, communication and interaction amongst peers. Whether it be the frustration that arises from the enigma that is the needs and wants of others touched upon in ‘What Do You Want From Me?’ to the moody saxophone, metaphorically low-light ballad about depression that is ‘Wearing the Inside Out’, the album itself honestly holds a serious amount of songwriting merit not when it comes to mere interpretation but by relating to the lyrics and their meanings instead. By actually thinking back to a time where you felt ‘No more than alive’ or back to the hey days, when ‘the grass was greener’, is when the album and it’s almost excruciatingly underrated genius shines through.

So, Pink Floyd fans would be able to judge by the title of this post that it’s about that one song. The penultimate number by the title of ‘Lost for Words’. Now, what is this song about? Well, it is speculated by Floydians that good old David Gilmour did write the song about the final patch-up effort that he attempted to make with former band leader Roger Waters.  Or at least that’s what I found. But the way that I interrupted the song itself, especially the last verse, wasn’t that far away from what speculation had made these lyrics out to be, just not specifically about Gilmour and Waters. To me, it reminded me of a recent event in my own dandy life. It was I who tried to ‘open up the door’ to an enemy. Not a literal enemy, but someone that I had a bit of the blues with in the past. Despite being this dude’s number two at one point, and I mean that in the most endearing way possible, things just weren’t resolved. I was, subtly, told to just ‘go and f*ck myself’.

Yeowch. Oooh boy, did that sting.

But it’s something that we all have to face at least once in our lives, isn’t it? The friendship or ‘good standing’ that just cannot be resolved, whether it be out of spite or simply because we were out of time. Mind you though, if this was a true friendship we were talking about, I think a lot of people would have no doubts about some form of resolution coming about. Those things can always be mended. Think of them like bones. You break them off but once they heal, they’re twice as strong. But in the circumstance that it’s not something as cherished as a genuine bond, there seems to always be the chance that things simply cannot be mended for whatever reason. What can you do? Does your determination to set things straight and to patch up the holes, to make resolves, win you the day for both yourselves and your broken relationship? Or do you simply call the quits and just wave it away with the rest of the shadows that seemingly fade along with the passing day?

I guess you just can’t win.