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Like the Sunshine (Two Year Anniversery on WordPress)


Well now, this is special!

I’m posting tonight because I received a super special notification from the happy chappies at Two years ago, I started this blog as a method of journaliing my musings and other ramblings as a way to manage stress. At the time of this blog’s creation, I had been faced with a lot of dreadful uncertainties that would leave me with knots in my tummy for nights on end. I had only just started my long distance relationship with an absolutely lovely girl and was afraid that we would never meet or be able to make it happen. My studies at both university and a community college had reduced me to a state resembling that of a nervous wreck; hair tearing and all.

The year after, my relationship had become stable. My classes had become manageable. I had begun my student work placement and had learnt more than I ever did in high school. About life, about love and about the world beyond high school. For once, my life seemed right. I was at peace.

And now, in 2016, many things have changed. My graduation, the fated meeting in Lover’s Arrival, the beginnings of my search for employment, the collapse of my relationship …

All of it proof that we are forever learning by experience. That the wildest and most unexpected things can happen, even when plans have been made and are seemingly set in stone. Life is what happens when you are busy making plans. And that, Mr. Lennon, is something that we can both agree on. Being the tired man that I am, i am not sure what I am supposed to be writing anymore here. The paragraphs that come after this were actually written first. This post is a mess, chaotic, just like life. It wasn’t planned. I had a general idea and the structure of the post all in my mind and then as I began to write it down, different thoughts flooded into my mind and altered those plans. Or took a sledgehammer to them. Completely.

This might sound awfully corny but I gotta write it …

In the past two years, I have become rather fond of moths. Now, I never liked moths as a kid. I always thought they were grotesque and wouldn’t think twice about shooing them away with a dainty wave of the hand. They were ugly to most people. Undesirable. And I often considered myself to be of a similar calibre. But all it took was one mental comparison, one alternate trail of thought, and my love for them began to blossom. There are those in the world that see beauty where others simply cannot. Those that find something beautiful where nothing of the sort can be found and observed by the average person. And I had the pleasure of meeting a few of these cherishable souls. The absolute honor of calling one my teacher, another one my friend, my lover …

Of course, you. My readers.

These people and their stories, their wisdom, their kindness and their love formed my coccoon and now I too, have become a one of these souls.

I’d like to thank you all for reading my blog over the past two years and do hope that you stick around for another.

May all the love in the world be yours. And remember, everybody’s gotta learn sometime. 

You know which song this is going to link you to … 

(It’s 3 AM and I sure could use some sleep … )

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Cooking the Noodles of Life!

My life seems to be a bit of a cycle thus far. I’ll go about my usual livelihood dabbling, meet a gnarly as heck chick, start dating said gnarly as heck chick and then part ways with them sometime after. And everytime it ends, I always find myself back at a stove, cooking my feel-good food. 
Ramem noodles! Or ‘lifenoodles’as I like to call them. 

You’d never think that any dude would be happier to be behind a stove, stirring into a boiling pot with an overhead fan blasting their ears with low pitch white noise but here I am! Indulging in the preparation of my ’75 cent per packet’ respite! 

My own noodly sanctuary! 

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So Much Love To Give!

"Let's shake things up a bit!"
“Let’s shake things up a bit!”

You’ve all got one of those friends that you just can’t help but adore. Everything they do seems to be absolutely endearing and you often find yourself going right out of your way to give them a helping hand. Hell, if you’ve got a multitude of friends (unlike Dandy), maybe you’ve got more than one of these kinds of friends.

Or maybe it’s a radical member of extended family that strikes you as being as radical as some rock star or iconic Roman philosopher. Well, maybe not a Roman philosopher. More like a ‘John Lennon-esque’ thinker who inspires you with their ideas. The kind of person that you look forward to making small talk with, simply because the topics of conversation are so way out or insightful that you feel as though your third eye just shot wide open.

And let’s not forget about the rest of your family and friends.

From what I can tell, a lot of people seem to have this idea stuck in their head that they aren’t very tolerant of people or that people in general are undeserving of affection for whatever reason. But I bet if you start asking them about their friends or family and what makes them so special, they’ll probably reveal that they’re more than capable of loving to a great degree and it might be something that they’re not even aware of!

Everyone has the capacity to love and to a limitless extent.

Anyway, that’s my little post for today. I wonder if anyone out there will read it? Or find themselves to relating to some of the stuff that I’ve written?

But as always, have a lovely day!

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Love is Now (Legally) For Everyone!

Gay marriage approved in 50 states? Hey, congratulations America!

What a pivotal moment! To think that something as unexpected and wonderful as this could just roll out during a time of nothing but seemingly negative news. Hell, the only thing that could make this the greatest surprise in sociological history is if the suits up in the White House began spewing rainbow coloured fluid that when bottled and applied to the palm, cures cancer and boosts self esteem.

Let the good times roll! A new Summer of Love is upon us!

… well, actually It’s winter down here.

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100 Dandy Apples!

Upon wrapping up my previous post that night and deciding to go for a third time posting within that particular day, my brain seemed to immediately render itself unoriginal and out of ideas. The lack of creativity almost caused said brain to implode into nothingness within my skull and before i could even take 5 to actually think of a decent topic to write about, I was already considering the prospects of opening up a Tumblr account and just becoming one of those mindless reblog drones.

Fortunately, that was just 10 minutes of worrying. And most of that was just jesting. Maybe not the part about the lack of creativity but the whole ‘so out of ideas; Gonna start a Tumblr’ movement accompanied by the wearing of thick black rimmed glasses quietly crashed before it could achieve lift off.

Speaking of movement, 100 FOLLOWERS! 

"Would you believe it?!"
“Would you believe it?!”

If there is one thing better than waking up next to one of those absolutely raunchy teenage goth girls, it’s waking up to the notification of finally having achieved 100 followers. Truth be told, I haven’t achieved one hundred in anything related to social media. This is a first for me. A head spin inducing occurrence leaving me absolutely delighted and and bustling with WordPress power. I’d like to take this moment to thank all of the wonderful bloggers out there who decided to take the time to follow my blog, let alone subscribe to the blasted thing. You all know that I love you as much as you love me. Or at least I hope that is the case. I mean, like the song repeats over and over, ‘I’ve got so much love to give!’.

… If you haven’t heard it, I’ll just leave this link here.

To my century of bloggers, I would like to thank you dearly. To the bloggers that I follow, I’d like to thank you all for sharing the wonderful content that you post. Whether it be poetry, musings, photography or even those dinky Top 10 lists that everyone seems to go gravy crazy for, It is my wholehearted desire to encourage you to keep on Pressin’.

Get it? Because it’s called WordPress. So I said keep on Pressin’. No?

– Dandy ❤

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Lover’s Arrival

There she is. All the way over there, in another state. Or even another country. But as you land, as the dream finally sets itself into stone cold reality, you’re frozen at the thought that all of this seemed so impossible so long ago.

I have always thought of love as being borderless. A connection that transcends mere physical boundaries and mutates into something much more than a typhoon of emotion. Whether it is romantic or platonic, love is the very feeling that brings two people so close together, despite the physical distance between them being so dauntingly vast. If the two of you have spent months or even years apart, yet you both still desire to be in each other’s company, then that is love. Like I said. It’s a connection, not necessarily a feeling. This is what I think most people seem to misunderstand.

Dandy was never a lucky chap in ‘love’. Hell, if I were to actually go back and inspect the relationships of my past, I would probably come to the conclusion that I have never truly been in love. Love itself is a mutual feeling and since none of my previous romances contained a shared and sustainable sense longing and care, there was no such love to be shared with any of my exes. A good 80% of them were just ‘spur of the moment’ flings anyway. Haphazardly ignited attempts at starting a romance out of thin air which would work perfectly for a few months before I’d eventually grow rather restless and become rather displeased with it in a matter of months. But nevertheless, I’d make the stupid decision to stay with them, too afraid to hurt their feelings. I’d normally fall the hardest in the end because of that. I mean, nobody likes being dumped. Losing someone you care about and being dumped are not the same type of suffering.

Who knows? Maybe the one for Dandy is out there. Maybe the one for Dandy is far far away. And if so, I hope to see them there. I hope to see them there at the airport.

And I am sure we’d both have finally found what we are looking for. in Lover’s Arrivals.

"And we'll make all of the single folk spitefully jealous."
“And we’ll make all of the single folk spitefully jealous.”