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Lover’s Arrival II: Electric Boogaloo or ‘How To Successfully Date a EuroBabe Without Trying’

Much to my own glee, I am finally able to update this dusty litle slice of internet nonsense. Here I come, back but not in black. Why? Because you’d have to be made to wear any dark colours during an Australian summer but I digress.

Yes, so after much contemplation, procrasination and lamentation, all to do with my future course of action, I am back with another spontaenous and haphazard blog post about a topic that I didn’t think I would be writing about for quite some time: Love.

Although I have only been single for a couple of months now (Or at least I think it’s a couple, or a few at the very least. I am not entirely sure, I haven’t exactly been keeping count.) and have been enjoying the good company, drink and ‘benefits’ of the single life,  my inner romantic has been crying out across the seas after some interaction with some lovely ladies from across the pond. You can’t believe how lucky I am to be able to collaborate with and chat to such lovely people but most of it makes me realise just what kind of fun I have been missing out on in my life.

And that is a quirky, artistic yet fiscally conversative EuroCutie with an awesome sense of fashion!

Unfortunately it’s only a dream at this point. Being stuck on a giant sunburnt island sort of makes travelling to said cuties a bit difficult for me. But hey, maybe the allure and the legends of the Great Southern Land will lead them here to me instead.

That way, it saves me buying a plane ticket!


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A Little Late to the Party …

Yeah, so, I just made a pretty huge discovery.

“I rocked one of these til it went outta style. Six years, give or take.”

Not that it should be considered as such, since everyone, their mothers and their dogs seemed to know about this one particular feature. But you know that thing that you can do with your phone on SnapChat? The one where you’re taking an ordinairy selfie only to have your recently captured picture self spewing rainbows? Well, yeah. That’s a thing. I only found out about this a week ago at a party.

“But Dandy, ya numbskull!” You wail, gork and snort. “This feature has been present in SnapChat for AGES! How could you only find out about it now?”

And that’s a darn good question,  Mr/Mrs/Ms. Disembodied Voice over the Internet! But the answer is the real kicker.

It’s one word. ‘iOS7’

… well, that’s not really a word. More like an acronym. But yeah, you get what I mean.


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Squid Sushi Supreme-O

I’ve encountered a lot of strange things during my casual cuisine focused expeditions. I’ve been the victim of chips that tasted like the scent of human feces, stuffed crust cheese pizzas with extra cheese and beer battered tofu. Tofu, I tell ya! 

Honestly, it doesn’t sound all that special. Squid sushi, I mean. 

But for some reason, it blew me away. Such a bloody obvious combination of excellence and I didn’t possess the imagination to picture it beforehand. Quite simply put, it was yummo! So next time you take the chums out for a food romp, be sure to keep an eye our for the illustrious Squid Sushi! 

It has the Dandy Non-Speciifc Seal of General Excellence.  


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The Two For One Day Deal

Now with the added benefit of an afternoon siesta!

"My face when the breakfast BLT and spiced chai was worth the sleep deprivation."
“My face when the breakfast BLT and spiced chai was worth the morning sleep deprivation.”

I was up all night with a couple of pals. Of course, by writing this, I bet you can assume that there was absolutely no sleep to be had. So you imagine how sleep deprived we were when we woke up and shuffled out to town for pancakes. I think one of my buddies actually was dead and that his corpse was just continuing to walk like it didn’t know any differently. But after breaking to head back to our separate domains that afternoon, most of us found ourselves falling asleep as soon as it hit 12 only to wake up two or three hours later feeling much better. But at the same time, our perception of time was absolutely warped beyond repair for that day and we were under the severe delusion that two days had passed when it really was only one.

Yeah, so that’s how my vacation is going along. What about yours?

I’d really like to take the time to try and get back into regular blogging and more importantly, catching up on the blogs I’m following on the Reader. I mean, what if the blogs that I frequent have written a significant post that I haven’t read? Like, what if one of those bloggers that I have followed had a pizza party? Or built a chain saw car? Or had their pizza party inside a chain saw limousine? Because  I would totally want to know about that!

Anyways; I would like to wish you all a wonderful day and hope that you eat plenty of yummy food and see plenty of lovely stuff. Talk about funny things and daydream about gnarly ideas. Like pizza cars.

bai bai  (=^w^=)

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Cinema Annihilation!

Get a load of this gem!

My good pals and I decided to gather and gawk at one of my most horrible films that we ever had the pleasure of viewing. Mortal Kombat: Annihilation! 

From shitty costumes to absolutely atrociously executed special effects, this particular box office bomb was one of those horrible treats that are so bad to watch on your own but hilariously entertaining to enjoy with others. What is the story, you might ask? Hell, we don’t know. Something about Mortal Kombat and merging realms or some shit. Look, it’s barely there. You know how these video game movies are. Hell, you think movie adaptations of books and short stories are bad? How do you think we gamers feel about seeing our beloved franchises being completely butchered on the silver screen? And it usually gets executed a whole lot more horribly.

"Skull Bucket Man was probably the best actor in the whole darn film. And that's pretty fucking sad."
“Skull Bucket Man was probably the best actor in the whole darn film. And that’s pretty fucking sad.”