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Lover’s Arrival II: Electric Boogaloo or ‘How To Successfully Date a EuroBabe Without Trying’

Much to my own glee, I am finally able to update this dusty litle slice of internet nonsense. Here I come, back but not in black. Why? Because you’d have to be made to wear any dark colours during an Australian summer but I digress.

Yes, so after much contemplation, procrasination and lamentation, all to do with my future course of action, I am back with another spontaenous and haphazard blog post about a topic that I didn’t think I would be writing about for quite some time: Love.

Although I have only been single for a couple of months now (Or at least I think it’s a couple, or a few at the very least. I am not entirely sure, I haven’t exactly been keeping count.) and have been enjoying the good company, drink and ‘benefits’ of the single life,  my inner romantic has been crying out across the seas after some interaction with some lovely ladies from across the pond. You can’t believe how lucky I am to be able to collaborate with and chat to such lovely people but most of it makes me realise just what kind of fun I have been missing out on in my life.

And that is a quirky, artistic yet fiscally conversative EuroCutie with an awesome sense of fashion!

Unfortunately it’s only a dream at this point. Being stuck on a giant sunburnt island sort of makes travelling to said cuties a bit difficult for me. But hey, maybe the allure and the legends of the Great Southern Land will lead them here to me instead.

That way, it saves me buying a plane ticket!


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Back on the Hoverboard for 2016!

Hey hey! It’s been so long!






Hope everyone had a Happy New Year doing whatever it was they were doing and that you got to see tons of fireworks. Me? Well, there was a fire ban here so fireworks weren’t allowed. Australian summers are nuts, yo.

So it’s 2016! Another year of mystery! We’ve officially passed the mid 2010s mark and entered the second half of the decade! The Xbox 360 is ten years old and Pokemon is 20. I can already feel my hair receding!

But nevertheless, 2016 is shaping up to be a very exciting year. The next wave of mobile phone processors will be coming out so that new smartphone you got for Christmas will be obsolete in moments. No sign of hover cars though so I am not sure how I feel about that but at least we’ll get some more cool hoverboad technology. And not that cop out ‘balance board’ stuff that plague VINEs and Tumblr posts, I mean actual hovering hover boards. No wheels, just pure … hoveringness. Also, the Nintendo NX. It’ll be good to see what that is all about.

Speaking of 2016, the wonderful waifu will be coming around to visit me Down Under so I am majorly excited for that! Not sure what we’re going to get up to exactly but I do hope that a ton of travel and general hanging out is involved. You know, all the good stuff. Might also need to take her out clothes/gift shopping since I still feel like I owe her for the lack of gifts i sent her last Christmas. Do girlfriends take card?

Anyways, 2016 will be a significant year for people in one way or another. I am really hoping that a lot of people take the opportunity to try out some new stuff this year. Maybe take a gamble or two, pick up a new hobby and see how that goes … that kinda stuff. It wouldn’t hurt to try it.

Me? I’m gonna give YouTubing a shot. And finish school. My third year of college and I’m ready to tackle it head on!



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I can’t actually keep posting a consistent amount of content on this blog it seems. I’m just finding it really difficult to balance this and Twitter. And seeing as that I am hardly at my computer these days, and writing on a phone sucks major ass, posts on this blog have become a fortnightly occurrence.

I’mma sorry. :C

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Squid Sushi Supreme-O

I’ve encountered a lot of strange things during my casual cuisine focused expeditions. I’ve been the victim of chips that tasted like the scent of human feces, stuffed crust cheese pizzas with extra cheese and beer battered tofu. Tofu, I tell ya! 

Honestly, it doesn’t sound all that special. Squid sushi, I mean. 

But for some reason, it blew me away. Such a bloody obvious combination of excellence and I didn’t possess the imagination to picture it beforehand. Quite simply put, it was yummo! So next time you take the chums out for a food romp, be sure to keep an eye our for the illustrious Squid Sushi! 

It has the Dandy Non-Speciifc Seal of General Excellence.  


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Terminally 80s

Oh yeah. I can foresee the death of whatever shred of coolness I had retained from my high school years right now.

“What you don’t see are the dudes they’re firing at politely waiting their turn to die.”

If you had been following the Dandy’s blog since the very beginning of time itself, you would think that he is quite the spiritually savvy and emotionally inclined young man. But if you were to review his taste in movies, pop culture and media tropes in general, you’d probably think he is the typical macho moron who drinks more beer than water and preaches his Second Amendment religiously. Not that our country has anything Second Amendment and to be completely honest, I think it’s a whole lot freaking better that way.

If you were to ask Dandy what a few of his favourite movies were, he’d gladly rattle off the following before he had even given pause to think about any other: “Predator, The Terminator, BladeRunner and Rocky.” The last two have some serious heart, with the former of the two pretty much being the closest thing we’ll ever get to ‘Obnoxious Symbolism: The Movie’. But when the big muscly man on screen with an undeniably foreign accent starts screaming his lungs out while spraying bullets everywhere with a machine gun that would make the south of the United States population’s panties absolutely moist with desire, Dandy can’t help but nod his head and smile at how gloriously terrible the machismo and regular cheesiness really is. Throw in an array of 80s synthesiser music and the horribly punny one liner here and there and by Jove, you’ve pretty much won my heart over in one scene of a movie.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I must ride away in my Lamborghini Countach  to the nearest Burger King for a super sized Mountain Dew and a Whopper with everything.