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Blog Harder!


This thing was my jam.



I will admit that I am a busy man. Between trying to get Twitter famous, playing unhealthy amounts of Counter Strike and making stupid chiptune on my decrepit four year old MacBook, I haven’t really had a whole lotta time to be writing the blog posts.

So right now, while I’m in the mood, I’d like to take this chance to just sit down and catch up.

So yeah, 2016. Doesn’t feel like it’s gonna be all that different to 2015 but I’m sure you’ve seen enough of those ‘Everything is still trash’ jokes to last you for the  rest of the eventual Nuclear Winter or Robot Insurrection that’ll take place in 2018. Also, nanomachines. Those will be a thing. Relax guys and gals, I know all this for a fact. Metal Gear Rising told me all about it.

But all credible predictions of future events taken from video games aside, I don’t think I will be doing anything too different to last year. At least not for the first half of it. I still gotta search for my second trial of work placement for the third year of my college course. This’ll be the home stretch and after this, I’ll be taking a break from studying for a good few months. This will be an amazing time to get back in tune with what I love doing, like talking over video games while I play them with either friends or filmed in front of a live studio audience … or YouTube. YouTube will also be good. But that brings me to another issue that I face and that issue starts with a capital M.

Money. Money is what I want. Money is what I ain’t got. Money is what I need. Money is what sets me free. I don’t got money but I certainly got love. Love love  love, love is what I got.

Money is a big problem. You see, I’m a couple decades old now and apart form my few hundred hours of work experience done through college AND my countless days spent volunteering, I have yet to actually work a paying job. i don’t know what it is about volunteer work. It’s basically the same as work, except I just don’t get paid. And that’s not an issue in the slightest, I love working for no pay. But with upcoming expenditures for things like a replacement mobile phone, new desktop computer and video and audio recording hardware, I’m going to be needing a steady flow of cash. Also, gas money. Thank the ancient astronauts that built my car for putting a four cylinder in it. Although I’m still bitter that it’s not fusion powered … And that it doesn’t fire ionised particle beams from the rear to dissuade tailgaters.

Oh, you might’ve noticed that I’ve written a lot more than usual. Yeah, that’s partially thanks to this scissor switch keyboard that I managed to find. I think I bought this thing back in my early high school years and used it for MSN Messenger on the Xbox 360.

Hey, we only had one computer in the house and I wasn’t allowed on it. Leave me alone.

But all jokes aside, it’s great! There’s something about a nice heavy and clunky keyboard that reminds me of the old mechanical Apple Desktop Bus ones. Those things rocked so hard, even though they didn’t have those ‘clicky’ keys. Oh how I wish ADB could be converted to USB without a bunch of electrical engineering tier tinkering. That way, I could mash those weighty keys with my hand sanitiser cleansed fingers while I type up another storm like this one. Or write haikus. Those things are mad cool. Look, I’ll show you. Here’s one I wrote a few days ago:

I shall take flight now,

Like the brilliant falcon,

I endure the rain.


original poem do not steal

Anyways, I am going to leave you all to it. I hope you all have a wonderful week. I really should bring myself up to speed on what my fellow bloggers have been up to. I haven’t had a chance to trawl through the seemingly bugged Reader on WordPress. The one that keeps showing me the same blog entries over and over again, even after flicking a page over. Someone really should look into that. Or maybe the fault is on my end …


Sayonara!  : 3


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I’m Enjoying This Too Much …

Recently, I bought a PS4 and a copy of Fallout 4. My Twitter feed is littered with these little clips and screenshots that I take.

I’m sorry.


Have a good day/night!

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Cinema Annihilation!

Get a load of this gem!

My good pals and I decided to gather and gawk at one of my most horrible films that we ever had the pleasure of viewing. Mortal Kombat: Annihilation! 

From shitty costumes to absolutely atrociously executed special effects, this particular box office bomb was one of those horrible treats that are so bad to watch on your own but hilariously entertaining to enjoy with others. What is the story, you might ask? Hell, we don’t know. Something about Mortal Kombat and merging realms or some shit. Look, it’s barely there. You know how these video game movies are. Hell, you think movie adaptations of books and short stories are bad? How do you think we gamers feel about seeing our beloved franchises being completely butchered on the silver screen? And it usually gets executed a whole lot more horribly.

"Skull Bucket Man was probably the best actor in the whole darn film. And that's pretty fucking sad."
“Skull Bucket Man was probably the best actor in the whole darn film. And that’s pretty fucking sad.”
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Speed Posting To Raise Boredom Awareness 

Hey hey hey hey. 

I’m afraid I am going to have to be lighting quick with how swiftly I get this post out before my ride arrives so I’ll make like a Bugatti Veyron and do 0 to 60 in 3 seconds. 

As you all know, boredom is a problem that is plaguing the entire human race. At its most vulnerable moment, boredom affects the suffering citizens of the first world in the most excruciatingly painful ways. Forget things like starvation, poverty and AIDS; It’s boredom we need to vanquish first before we can even consider donating money to the aforementioned causes. 

By donating three difficult monthly payments of 14 dollars and exactly 21 cents, you can help those stuck in the pit of tedium by donating to the Breaking Boredom Foundation. 

Do your part and help us raise funds to find and develop a cure for boredom today! 

“Stop complaining on Tumblr and go outside.”

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“I don’t know, who it is …”

But it’s probably that guy that gets a kick out of looking for outdated computer alternatives on eBay.

I asked my friend Joe, and I also asked my friend Jake whether they had any old computers that they wanted to get rid off. Not only did both of my wrongly named friends beat me with a stick until I had scurried away from my makeshift campsites beside their front doors but I was completely unsuccessful in my endeavour to acquire new (old) hardware. So unsuccessful that the compassionately optimistic elderly woman at the local thrift store told me, in the sweetest voice that she could muster, that my efforts were to ultimately to end in vein.

… maybe the metaphor for what I was trying to explain got lost.

The point is that I have always had a knack for picking up old outdated pieces of electronic junk that nobody wanted while putting them to the best of use. Back in the days of my later childhood years (10 – 12), visiting the local pawn store became something of a treat as diving through the masses upon masses of Nintendo 64 game cartridges was an experience that I couldn’t pass up. Bringing home an old ‘sunflower’ iMac G4 was something of a guilty delight. And how could I forget my endearing effort to purchase old science fiction movies on VHS tape on an almost unhealthily enthusiastic level? Heck, this stuff was not only either in good condition or put to the most of it’s remaining use, but dirt cheap too! I mean that iMac cost me no more than $50 at the time. It came with the original mouse and keyboard, everything! That mono-white polycarbonate dome of uneven style has some of my fondest memories along with it.

It seems that I am at my old tricks again.

I have found myself quite discontent with the current computers of now. In all honesty, I like the idea of limiting myself to the technology and specifications of a previous era. I am not talking about a ‘trying to access the internet on an abacus’ kind of of challenge,  but something slightly inferior to the current generation of personal computers that could also run older programs (Mostly music trackers and older Digital Audio Workbenches that I would absolutely love to use in my ambient soundscape project)

So, here I am. Staring at the screen while trying to conjure up enough money to purchase a lovely iMac G5. The intel based one. Look at that … that lovely polycarbonate plasticy white goodness!

I am so going to run OS 9 on it as well.

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Almost As Cool As ‘Phaedra’

This thing was a polycarbonate piece of absolute beauty. A 'tangerine dream', if you will. (Hyuk hyuk!)
This thing was a polycarbonate piece of absolute beauty. A ‘tangerine dream’, if you will. (Hyuk hyuk!)

This will probably be the first and last post about something as materialistic as a product so I will make it very brief. It’s the image that’s the centrepiece, after all.

Do you guys remember when Apple products used to come in all sorts of fancy colours? Dandy remembers. Dandy (me) also remembers the time when ‘Tangerine’ was considered the hipster way of spelling ‘Orange’. But only very briefly. I think I may have been 6 at the time …

So here I am, just to remind you that this was indeed a thing.

Oh, before I forget, here is some totally related music to go with this post as well. Phew.