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Bugging Out

Not sure why, but no matter what browser I use, the notifications section on WordPress never seems to load. At all. This never used to be an issue.

Does anyone have any ideas?



Dandy, a slightly spiritual and shamelessly materialistic paradox of a person, posts a handful of meek blog entries reflecting upon his daily experiences, scatterbrained thoughts and/or all types of crazy crap.

5 thoughts on “Bugging Out

      1. Have you set your notifications to “all”? Try clearing your caches or re-installing.. I don’t receive any warning that I get notifications so I’ve already given up on the browser for the most part.. I mostly just use it for big posts. 😛

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      2. Mad thumb cramps for the win… 😀
        I guess all you can do is clear everything (like you already did) and if that doesn’t work, send a support ticket? I’m not fond of the notifications tab on here.. It’s annoying and useless. :O


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