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My Room is the Panic Room

Lately, at night, I’ve found myself succumbing to crippling anxiety which often ends up becoming a full blown panic attack. It normally starts off as I decide to get some shut eye. For whatever reason, the racing thoughts through my head seem uncontrollable and often ‘loud’ as I’m about to doze off.

Does anyone else feel this way? If you deal with anything anxiety related, would you chuck a pal some tips on how to deal with it?

I’d really appreciate any help right now. Going to bed at 2 AM on a daily basis is starting to mess me up.



Dandy, a slightly spiritual and shamelessly materialistic paradox of a person, posts a handful of meek blog entries reflecting upon his daily experiences, scatterbrained thoughts and/or all types of crazy crap.

2 thoughts on “My Room is the Panic Room

  1. As someone who is quite nocturnal I can sympathise with what you are saying. Is there something in your personal life that is somehow resulting in these anxiety attacks? Perhaps speaking with someone professionally may help. If you continue on this way and it is impacting your life in a negative way, that may be the best option for you. I hope that you can remedy the current situation.

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    1. G’day, mate.
      Sorry I didn’t respond to your comment right away. The bloody app was playing up.

      Honestly, something as little as daily stresses associated with school/college/university is enough to give me the jitters. Which can then result in a panicking state. What makes things worse is that I fret over how the extreme stress is affecting my mental health; Essentially I am panicking about my panicking,

      Just when I think it’s getting better, I throw the idea of seeking professional help back out the window. Which goes on to bite me in the ass later on.


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