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The Two Decade Milestone

A quarter of my dementia free life is over!

"You could've waited until AFTER I wanted to take a photo."
“You could’ve waited until AFTER I wanted to take a photo.”

it’s almost surreal. To think that ten years ago, I was some super skinny loser with ghostly white skin who sat at their grandparent’s place, PlayStation controller in hand firmly while zealously blasting away at all things robot in one of four major Mega Man titles released for the CD-ROM based destroyer.

Good to know that some things will never change with age, hey?

Remove the ghostly whiteness of the skin and replace the PS1 controller with the ergonomically more suitable XBONE gamepad and you can paint the same picture a decade onwards.



"And so, let my heart be hardened." This blog was all but abandoned, gathering digital cobwebs and whatnot, before I checked back in after the pitter-pattering of cyberrain. Or were they emails? Let this place be a beacon for my mind during my few sleepless nights.

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