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Dandy’s Disappearing Act

I’m really not on top of the whole blogging thing.

Lately, I haven’t had any time at all to blog. What has it been, like two weeks? That’s nuts. I mean recently I’ve been blogging a lot less than usual but nowadays, I’m lucky if I can even log into WordPress let alone write a paragraph of a post that’ll end up getting scrapped. Oh joy.

Between school, social and hobby related stuff, I’ve been under the gun. Under the gun of life. Which is kind of ironic since I wouldn’t associated a gun with life but whatever.

Will be back soon. Hopefully. Got a lot of catching up on the Reader to do. O.O



Dandy, a slightly spiritual and shamelessly materialistic paradox of a person, posts a handful of meek blog entries reflecting upon his daily experiences, scatterbrained thoughts and/or all types of crazy crap.

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