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Sanctuary No More!

Oh dearie me … Back to work.

"What the hell did I do in a past life to end up finding school so difficult?"
“This knight and I are in the same predicament. Except mine is metaphorical … and he definitely looks like he’s about to cop an axe.”

The holidays are over. Gone. Two whole weeks whizzed past faster than I could get on the phone, call up a pal who’s call I missed and ask “Sure, I’d love to have Chinese tonight. What time is good for you?”

And now it’d back to what life seems to love doing to you best; crippling you with tedium, stress and a shit ton of work. Not exactly the stuff of nightmares but after spending so much time staring at a word document wondering how you’re gonna start a few thousand word report, the very concept of a Hell starts to sound like a modestly decorated, fairly priced hotel with an all-you-can-eat that actually puts out stellar meals. I mean, it’s safe for me to say at this point in time that I would do absolutely ANYTHING for just a couple more weeks away from it all. Especially since I spent the entirety of my first week off chasing up tutors and posting assignments I had no clue about. Honestly, I feel like I am about to cry.

Really, I am starting to wonder why I didn’t take that gap year …

Oh well. Guess I am going to have to endure this soul crushingly bitter winter that just has to take place during the infuriatingly tense time that is mid-year. You know, when you’re suddenly rocking this huge-ass timetable that you got given to you by your college, making you sit there and stare at it thinking “Whoa, jeez … I don’t remember having this many subjects … ”

At least this time I have come slightly prepared. As antiquated as my phone is, I have managed to load it up with a bunch of neat music making apps. The only problem is that now I have to find a concealable pair of headphones. Or earphones. Or EarPods … Yes, that’s it! EarPods!

What? Money? Damn. You talked me out of it.



"And so, let my heart be hardened." This blog was all but abandoned, gathering digital cobwebs and whatnot, before I checked back in after the pitter-pattering of cyberrain. Or were they emails? Let this place be a beacon for my mind during my few sleepless nights.

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