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Living the Dream!

Hey, yo! How’ve you been?

"I'm finally FREE!"
“I’m finally FREE!”

I’ve been neglecting this blog lately. It’s not because I’m some kind of twisted sadist with a bad haircut who wants to punish the very few people that actually read or god forbid, enjoy, my posts. No no, the reason is that I’ve finally completed all of my assignments and work tasks and as a result, have finally been able to kick back and relax. Which so far basically translates to attending a party, having a Smash Bros night with the gang and gathering the necessary rations to conduct a full night dedicated to nothing but tabletop RPGs.

I can feel a neckbeard coming on already!

So I apologise in advance if I never post anything else on this blog ever again. Should this tragic end befall upon this blog, you may take comfort in knowing that Dandy probably died due to an overdose of stuffed crust pizza and bad anime.

It’s been a pleasure! (lol jks I’ll totally be back)

Take Care!



Dandy, a slightly spiritual and shamelessly materialistic paradox of a person, posts a handful of meek blog entries reflecting upon his daily experiences, scatterbrained thoughts and/or all types of crazy crap.

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