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Cinema Annihilation!

Get a load of this gem!

My good pals and I decided to gather and gawk at one of my most horrible films that we ever had the pleasure of viewing. Mortal Kombat: Annihilation! 

From shitty costumes to absolutely atrociously executed special effects, this particular box office bomb was one of those horrible treats that are so bad to watch on your own but hilariously entertaining to enjoy with others. What is the story, you might ask? Hell, we don’t know. Something about Mortal Kombat and merging realms or some shit. Look, it’s barely there. You know how these video game movies are. Hell, you think movie adaptations of books and short stories are bad? How do you think we gamers feel about seeing our beloved franchises being completely butchered on the silver screen? And it usually gets executed a whole lot more horribly.

"Skull Bucket Man was probably the best actor in the whole darn film. And that's pretty fucking sad."
“Skull Bucket Man was probably the best actor in the whole darn film. And that’s pretty fucking sad.”


"And so, let my heart be hardened." This blog was all but abandoned, gathering digital cobwebs and whatnot, before I checked back in after the pitter-pattering of cyberrain. Or were they emails? Let this place be a beacon for my mind during my few sleepless nights.

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