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Lover’s Arrival

There she is. All the way over there, in another state. Or even another country. But as you land, as the dream finally sets itself into stone cold reality, you’re frozen at the thought that all of this seemed so impossible so long ago.

I have always thought of love as being borderless. A connection that transcends mere physical boundaries and mutates into something much more than a typhoon of emotion. Whether it is romantic or platonic, love is the very feeling that brings two people so close together, despite the physical distance between them being so dauntingly vast. If the two of you have spent months or even years apart, yet you both still desire to be in each other’s company, then that is love. Like I said. It’s a connection, not necessarily a feeling. This is what I think most people seem to misunderstand.

Dandy was never a lucky chap in ‘love’. Hell, if I were to actually go back and inspect the relationships of my past, I would probably come to the conclusion that I have never truly been in love. Love itself is a mutual feeling and since none of my previous romances contained a shared and sustainable sense longing and care, there was no such love to be shared with any of my exes. A good 80% of them were just ‘spur of the moment’ flings anyway. Haphazardly ignited attempts at starting a romance out of thin air which would work perfectly for a few months before I’d eventually grow rather restless and become rather displeased with it in a matter of months. But nevertheless, I’d make the stupid decision to stay with them, too afraid to hurt their feelings. I’d normally fall the hardest in the end because of that. I mean, nobody likes being dumped. Losing someone you care about and being dumped are not the same type of suffering.

Who knows? Maybe the one for Dandy is out there. Maybe the one for Dandy is far far away. And if so, I hope to see them there. I hope to see them there at the airport.

And I am sure we’d both have finally found what we are looking for. in Lover’s Arrivals.

"And we'll make all of the single folk spitefully jealous."
“And we’ll make all of the single folk spitefully jealous.”


"And so, let my heart be hardened." This blog was all but abandoned, gathering digital cobwebs and whatnot, before I checked back in after the pitter-pattering of cyberrain. Or were they emails? Let this place be a beacon for my mind during my few sleepless nights.

5 thoughts on “Lover’s Arrival

  1. As a person in a distance relationship, I can understand wholeheartedly the feeling you so beautifully create in your writing. In previous relationships, they were near, yet I still felt alone and in constant search for something missing. The physical connection was there but emotionally, I doubt it would have survived the race. With my significant other, we rely on the emotional connection to see us through until we can be physically together, and this makes us stronger. It’s a simple bonding of both mind, body and soul. When we find that, we need to cherish it tightly

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    1. Very well said, Emma. I empathise with you completely. Nothing seems to come close to my refined definition of love. And most of the relationships that could’ve developed with people I have met throughout the year ultimately died before they could even begin to flourish, since I was simply not interested in another ‘two month fling’.

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      1. I think we all have an embossed ideation of how it should be, and it fails completely. I think the secret is to simply follow the gut feeling, that little voice who tells us what feels right and what does not. My significant other is not perfect, and neither am I. Yet I love the feeling he creates in me. None of us know what will be, or can predict the future, but if it feels far better with them, than without, then that speaks loudly. I don’t believe that love simply develops. I chase the magic and feel that something has to be lit from the beginning. That something that makes u embrace it with ferocity. 🙂

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      2. If love is a battlefield, than I am one of the strategists. The reserved and cautious calculator of events, meticulously making sure that everything is compatible and berating myself when or if I fail. And usually, my efforts to establish a genuine connection are covert, whether it be due to hesitation or whatever.

        … so I guess you could say I’m like the Solid Snake of love, in that regard. Except a lot younger and with a considerably lower IQ.

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