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Dandy VS Fly Strip: The Unrelenting Battle for Hair Cleanliness

Dandy is one of those fine young men with a full set of hair. Sure, the side fringe might be a bit on the metro side of things, but at least it’s a good way to flaunt just how lengthy those ramen-like strands can get.

Just an hour ago, I was sitting down to do a bit of a ‘clocked in one night’ sitting of Mega Man X4 for the Sony PlayStation. I was just about done with the game when my body gave me the not so subtle warning that I should probably get up and use the restroom within the next few seconds. Complying with my body’s seemingly separate will, I stood up and walked towards the door. Now, beside the door, we had deployed one of those nasty fly traps that come within those canisters. The horribly sticky ones. You can probably see where I am going with this …

Yeah, so like the completely unobservant dunce that I am, the back of my head brushed past this ambush that was originally meant to catch flies and mosquitos and the rest is history. It was so damn sticky that I had to actually pry the strands of hair that were caught with my hands from the strip, resulting in them being coated in the clingy substance as well. My first reaction was to wash it all out. So, at 3 in the morning, Dandy stealthily crept to the showers only to blow his Solid Snake styled sneakiness by the sounds of creaky door hinges, taps that seemingly dripped on forever after use and not to mention the quasi-intimidating roar of the shower head bellowing out it’s torrent of ice cold water. First I tried to rinse it out with said water alone. That didn’t work too well. The next attempt involved a thorough wash with the usual shampoo and conditioner routine. That worked a bit better. Next, since I could still feel that beads of the ungodly glutinous guff rested within my partially tangled hair, I decided to resort to a ‘housewife approach’ and rubbed olive oil into the back of my head. That worked a LOT better than expected. I still feel like bits of my hair are stuck together but it is so minimal that I feel as though I wouldn’t lose that much hair, even if I were to cut it out.

… actually, I’ve probably tempted fate by writing that. Oh well. My plan B is to simply get a buzzcut. I’ve been meaning to try out the whole ‘Vin Diesel’ look. My Dad rocks it pretty well. Just not by choice …

Hopefully he doesn’t read that.

"Looks like you flies are in a 'sticky situation'. HAH! GET IT?"
“Looks like you flies are in a ‘sticky situation’. HAH! GET IT?”


"And so, let my heart be hardened." This blog was all but abandoned, gathering digital cobwebs and whatnot, before I checked back in after the pitter-pattering of cyberrain. Or were they emails? Let this place be a beacon for my mind during my few sleepless nights.

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