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Crafting of the Mines.

“Legal in Finland!” 

Minecraft is one of those rare cases of a game that comes along and takes all age groups of gamers by an absolute storm. It’s nuts just how many people play this game. From my ex-girlfriend’s father to my former teacher’s 7 year old kid, everybody seems to have been stirred into a Minecraft fuelled frenzy. Being one of the people that paid the $10 back when it was in beta stages after being introduced to the game via word at mouth back in early high school, I initially didn’t get what all the fuss was about. To me, the pacing of the game and the limited resources that were initially at my disposal were what I would deem as ‘inadequate’. It really didn’t feel like much of an experience, but mind you this was a beta. A work in progress. And even to this day, Minecraft is still being tweaked and improved upon with dozens of new features making it’s way into each succeeding build.

Tonight, an old chum and four other friends of mine decided to pour all of our creative effort into creating the most marvellous world we could, having a few hiccups and genuinely funny little prankster moments along the way. I am not sure you’d consider a dangerously destructive dumping of lava on the top of a small village as ‘funny’ but since I seem to have a nasty tendency to make friends that later turn out to be either pyromaniacs or sadists, I’d say that it was fairly normal humour amongst us all. Even if I was the one desperately trying to bail the red-hot onslaught with nothing but a few buckets.

It’s really an amazing time and I am sure that with the many options out there for playing the game, that it has been tried by every gamer at least once. It’s awesome to just sit back and let your imagination run wild as you either put creative mode to an extravagant use or fend for yourself and master the elements in the survival game type. And with the unlimited possibility of mods and lovely homemade enhancement content, you’ll be piloting shuttles to the Moon and carefully constructing nuclear fission reactors in no time flat!

Seriously, for a game that’s been going on for 3 years strong, Minecraft has still got that same magic feel that it had back when I had begun to warm up to it.

Now go on. Go punch a tree down for wood. Build something dapper. : 3



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