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Michel Ancel and Dandy’s Love of Art

How many years in art school do you think you'd have to do in order to pull of this kind of work?
How many years in art school do you think you’d have to do in order to pull off this kind of work?

Dandy is a lover of art. It’s no lie and it’s certainly something that I can’t hide. I am usually drawn to styles of artwork that is closer to the minimalist and abstract sides of the spectrum but there was something about the artwork of a little platforming game series called Rayman that had me absolutely mesmerised.

Rayman’s creator and head of design, Michel Ancel, has a particular style of artwork that completely captures me. No matter what kind of hues are used, the combination of the ‘digital painting’ style look to the drawing as well as the absolutely sublime usage of highlighting and shadowing is just something that I’ve fallen in love with. The actual scenes themselves, whether they be temples shrouded by rock or jungles or even cities and spires made up of gigantic musical instruments, hold their own hefty amount of merit as well. I mean really, it’s like being a kid all over again. The artwork almost reminds me of the Canadian made cartoons that we used to get here in Australia for a short while during my childhood and early teen years.

It’s just simply amazing and believe it or not, yes, the almost uber-whimsical landscapes of the original game on the PlayStation were what got me into drawing in the first place.

… well, that along with anime. You know, what all the kids were/are into these days.



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