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Remote Listening!

So now that classes have ended for the year, I find myself stuck in a bit of a rut.

Despite daily training not being as rigorous as it was when I was ‘doing more’, I seem to have found myself slumping back into that nasty rut of unproductively. But it’s all good, I have like five albums to listen to. This one that I am having a bit of a relaxing peach tea delight to is that lovely Dream Sequence compilation of Tangerine Dream’s ‘greatest hits’. Next i’ve got to tackle that darn Refuge OST by Carbon Based Lifeforms. It’s one album that I just keep holding off …

Want to take a listen with me? Here, this was a good track:



Dandy, a slightly spiritual and shamelessly materialistic paradox of a person, posts a handful of meek blog entries reflecting upon his daily experiences, scatterbrained thoughts and/or all types of crazy crap.

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