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Come on, Join the party!

You know, my friends and I were taking a look at our friends lists and we couldn’t help but notice something a bit … disturbing.

Continuing on from my last post, I decided to boot up the old Xbox 360 today after training and a bit of musical tinkering to indulge in a bit of Advanced Warfare. CoD normally isn’t my ‘go-to’ game when it comes to recreational time but when it comes time for some mindless multiplayer fun, it’s certainly a choice that’s hard to beat. To my surprise, I was painted with glee as my friends list actually showed that a few of my fellow gaming comrades were online, and not just on their Xbox Ones either. A party was started and one after another, the four of us all had a merry old time shooting up the opposition in some Momentum based fun.

The games went on and we all had ourselves a ball, with the rotten match here and there whether it be because of lag, weariness or a superior opposition. That was until that two of the friends dropped the horrifying bomb that they would soon be the owners of an Xbox One and that they would hardly ever be on from that point onwards. My other friend and I were struck by a ton of bricks that fell from the cloud of realisation. That we would be the only two left in the realm of the Xbox 360’s Xbox Live out of our friend group. And with the rest of my gamer friends on the Playstation 4, that meant that I only had one whole friend online who didn’t have an Xbox One. Have the end of our Xbox 360-ing days come at last? The good times seemed to fade into the past with each waning second that took place after that bomb was dropped.

It was like some kind of crazy time lapse or barrage of dreamily edited flashback sequences that take place when a protagonist is thinking back to plot important events. I just couldn’t help but think back to the beginning of it all…

I had just started high school when I had gotten my 360 and was the last of my friends to do so. One of our buddies was gifted with a PS3 but we didn’t mind too much since he’d practically live at our places anyway. Our first frantic foray into the world of online gaming began with Halo 3, which we clocked every spare hour of our time into. Heck, we were even hell bent on getting all of the Mythic achievements to snag ourselves the Recon armour. Yeah, we were that lame. The next frontier came in the form of the colossal recreational time eater known as Modern Warfare 2, a game that I didn’t own until a year after it’s release. During the time that all of my buddies were gawking at the crazy camouflages to unlock and spraying their MP5Ks everywhere before finally figuring out that sub-machine guns have horrible range, I was given the first Modern Warfare as a gift from a relative to pass the time until we were all happily reunited in our most fondest of hours spent in the first Black Ops. And we weren’t separate since then, enjoying each others company in Halo: Reach to Future Soldier, Battlefield 3 to Black Ops 2.

And now, the flame atop the wick of the candle seems to flickering as the winds of change begin it’s trial to extinguish it’s brilliant light.

What should I do? Should I travel to the land where my friends have gone to, even thought it holds no promise or has nothing of interest to me? Just to be with them and to continue onwards in our multiplayer shenanigans? Or do I take up the saddle and ride into unfamiliar turf and supposedly more excitement?

… there really isn’t any reason to get so poetic about it. I was just being silly.


And yes, that title is an Evermore reference. Was a good album!



"And so, let my heart be hardened." This blog was all but abandoned, gathering digital cobwebs and whatnot, before I checked back in after the pitter-pattering of cyberrain. Or were they emails? Let this place be a beacon for my mind during my few sleepless nights.

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