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“Look around you. It will astound you.”

So a friend and I sat down to have a little chat …

The topic was mistakes. We both seemed to be in a half baked melancholic brood as the two of us were cynically droning like borderline pessimists. We shared a variety of similar experiences with almost identical emotional outcomes that affected both us and anyone else involved within those particular memories. Whether it be about losing friends, lovers or feeling an overall sense of misplacement within the world, we touched upon each and every topic under each metaphorical umbrella.

The amazing part was the conclusions that we both had reached.

It’s amazing how much our own personalities can alter our perception on particular events or our pasts. During the wrapping up of this dreary topic, I had concluded that I felt as though my past mistakes or emotional downturns had either turned out to strengthen me or give me additional wisdom. In the long run, they were blessings in disguise to me and I honestly felt as though I had grown a bit better emotionally and as a person after trawling through them.

He, however, felt the opposite.

Not only did he feel bitter or resentful at the particulars of the circumstances, the outcomes and anything associated with those times of misfortune, but he ultimately felt as though he had walked away from them with nothing to show for it. No sense of growth, no extra wisdom, nothing. To him, horrible times were simply just that. It was certainly a long shot from the ultimate result that I had conjured up and set into stone. And I couldn’t help but find this … well, saddening. A mild flavour of somber.

We all have our own way of dealing with things within our minds and hearts. But sometimes, we need to build upon these processes in which we interpret the events in our lives, both good and bad. The truth is that nobody ever walks away from a time of despair without anything at all. We do not tread past the smouldering wreckage empty handed and bare footed. We take something with us, a key, whether it be something that we notice or not.

To add another key to the keychain will help you open the metaphorical doors in life that stand before you. Whether you realise you have the key or not is not the question, but it is certainly there.

You’ve got the power to face life’s adversities. Whether you know it’s within you or not.

But I suppose everybody’s got to learn sometime …



"And so, let my heart be hardened." This blog was all but abandoned, gathering digital cobwebs and whatnot, before I checked back in after the pitter-pattering of cyberrain. Or were they emails? Let this place be a beacon for my mind during my few sleepless nights.

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